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Visitors from The Coast

Friends Chris & Tom came over from The Coast to spend 2 nights with us over this MLK weekend.  The night before they arrived, we had a lovely sunset:


This was taken from our bedroom window.  This building was already here when we bought the place, although we have added a shop extension, carport and covered walkways to it.   I always think they built it “backwards”, in that the best views out to the mountains are from the two bedrooms.  Apparently he intended to have the upstairs serve as an office, and he wanted the views from his office.  Go figure.

But I digress.  Chris and Tom came over for the weekend.  Saturday night we went up to Local 98856 for dinner, joining some other friends who are, well, local.  “The Local” is mainly a breakfast/lunch/deli type of place, but they have occasional themed dinners and special evening events.  The owner, Tess, is a strong promoter of eating locally grown, fresh organic produce and meats.  This past Saturday was one of her “Farm-to-Table” dinners, with a guest chef.  They set it up as open, family style seating at big tables, and overall it is a very relaxed, convivial atmosphere.  Our dinner stretched out over several hours and a good time was had by all!

Yesterday started out quite foggy – we have had a lot of freezing fog over here lately, which coats the trees with ice in a beautiful way, but is a bit dismal since we are used to having our sunshine over here, after all.  We were planning to snowshoe and selected an area that hopefully would get us above the valley fog.

We drove up north on the Twisp-Winthrop Eastside Road, turning up Bear Creek Road to the Campbell Lake Rd turnoff.  Met some other folks there, so we had a party of eight and started out with the sun trying to break through.  This road allows snowmobiles so was quite packed down – we initially walked and carried our snowshoes. (But fortunately, not a single snowmobile was seen or heard during our hike.)

That’s my friend Chris on the left, we have been buddies since the 7th grade.  On the right, Marlene and Nora.

Gradually the North Cascade mountains to the west emerged into sunshine:

Mt Gardiner from Campbell Lake Rd

Mt Gardiner from Campbell Lake Rd

Eventually we struck out cross-country from the road, and climbed up into the hills to get even better views.  The snow was so condensed and crusty that you could easily walk just about anywhere.  It was a really fun day, which ended with a nice cold beer at the Twisp River Pub before heading home for hot showers and a delicious dinner (Chris cooked, not me, so this isn’t bragging….)

View west from hills near Campbell Lake

View west from hills near Campbell Lake

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Tuesdays are for snowshoeing

Tuesdays are the day I go hiking (spring through fall) or snowshoeing (winter) with a group of ladies here in the valley.  At 59, I am the youngest in the group, and feel privileged to be included.  Many of them have known each other for over 20 years.  The hikes are not always ambitious or difficult, but we often go places that they know about that are not in the guidebooks, and I probably would have not found on my own.

Today we had a small group, and snowshoed up to a place they call “The Point”, on an unplowed Forest Service road up the Twisp River.  They wanted to break the trail again as it had snowed a fair amount since the last time they were up there, and a group of them (hardy souls) always go up there for the full moon every month, even in the winter.  The full moon is coming up next Sunday.

I talked Rick into coming along today, so he got to see where The Point is, and took turns with me going first to break the trail.  Carol brought cookies and peppermint schnapps for our cocoa, so a good deed did not go unrewarded.

the-point-09jan6We had a fire while eating lunch, and it was snowing which made for poor visibility, otherwise I would show you a picture of the views from up there.  They have a stash of firewood and some old beater folding chairs up there, so no, we didn’t carry those in!

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